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At Ann's Embroidery & Quilting we make it easy to get your logo or message embroidered on t-shirts, towels, polos, caps, dress shirts and more. Most embroidery is priced per 1000 stitches, with a starting price of $10 per item. If the design is very complex, or requires special handling like leather or appliqué, additional costs can occur. There is an additional setup fee of $15 dollars on the first order. Discount for larger number of items at same time are available.

NOTE: We do not give price quotes over the phone as there are too many variables such as, size and detail of your design, digitizing costs, number of final stitches, fabric it is going on etc, to give you exact pricing.
Whether for corporate, leisure, family or fun,
Ann's Embroidery & Quilting can do it.