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  • Have you inherited quilt tops that need to be brought to life? Do you like shopping for patterns and piecing the tops yourself but don't quite know how to finish it? Look no further, Ann's Embroidery & Quilting can help!

    Ann's specializes in professional and semi-custom quilting using a state of the art long arm machine from APQS with a computerized IntelliQuilter system that is sure to complement and enhance your quilt tops. We can also supply you with your batting with 100% cotton, cotton blends and even wool to meet all of your quilting needs.

    Call us for pricing as there are lots of variables such as the size of quilt, density of design used for quilting and batting you wish to use. For a good starting point for a simple, open design, multiply your quilt tops length by its height in inches and then multiply by $0.02. This price does not include batting cost, fees for straightening or fixing top and binding the quilt.

    If it is a T-Shirt quilt, figure each panels preparation  starting at $15 each before quilting. All patches must be removed before it can be quilted. Call us Today for specifics and detail pricing.