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We offer high quality Screen Printing services to our customers. The process we use to screen print utilizes something similar to heat transfer. With traditional screen printing, a special ink called Plastisol is transferred to the product directly by squeegeeing it through a special screen that has areas removed to allow the ink to be transferred. The product is then dried in a special oven until dry. The result is a product that looks great but has a rubbery, raised feel.

The process we use utilizes the same ink, but it ts transferred first to a special paper and not to the finished product. The transfer paper is then placed on the product, and with high heat and pressure, it is pressed onto the product. The result is that the ink is "pushed" deeper into the fabric and dried, unlike traditional screen printing, where it lays on the surface. This gives the product a smooth texture without the rubbery feel.

Contact us today to see samples, and feel the difference this process brings. We can also talk about cost savings that it offers over traditional screen printing.